13" Pure Lambswool Wash Kit for RV's


13" Pure Lambswool Wash Kit for RV's

Price: $65.99

13" Pure Lambswool Wash Kit for RV's

Kit Includes:

  • One 13" Lambswool Wash and one Pad Holder
  • Two Window Wizard Pads.

  • Our Lambswool wash pads and mitts come on the leather hide of the sheep giving you years of excellent service. 
  • Always wash Lambswool in Top of the Lamb Shampoo

NOTE: Kit does not include Fiberglass Extension Handle. Please order separately. All items attach to Acme threaded handles.

Uses & Tips

Safely wash and clean the windshield of RVs, Motorhomes, trailers, trucks, and toy haulers. Genuine Lambswool Wash and 4-way swivel pad holder gently washes RVs, Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels,Trailers and Toy Haulers without scratching. Microfiber pads remove bugs from windshields and dries them with a dry pad.


Wash your RV with the Lambswool Wash, baby shampoo and food grade distilled white vinegar in sections. The Window Wizards clean and dry windshields.

Wash the Lambswool Pad in Top of the Lamb Shampoo