Fiberglass Extension Handle

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Fiberglass Extension Handle

Price: $39.99

Fiberglass Extension Handle

Mary Moppins Fiberglass Extension Handle extends from 4' to 8' yet it is lightweight sporting a 3/4" inside handle and 1" outside handle. It's durable to handle all of your tough jobs. The sure grip, easy release lever guarantees the handle will not slip during extension or lock up like many other extension handles. ACME threads widen at the bottom to prevent tools from twisting loose during use. This Fiberglass Extension Handle accommodates all of Mary Moppins tools, and any other tools you have at home with ACME threads.

Uses and Tips

Attach all of Mary Moppins Cleaning tools or your standard ACME threaded tool to this handle. This includes push brooms and paint rollers. Raise the lever and extend the inside handle to the desired length and push down the lever to lock it in place. Do not over extend the handle past the red mark at the bottom.

Avoid over tightening tools around the threads. They widen at the bottom and naturally grab tools to prevent them from twisting loose. Over tightening tools will crack the female housing units.


Mary’s 4' to 8' Fiberglass Extension Handle has a sure lock lever that will not slip or lock up during use. Raise the lever and extend the inside handle no further than the red line. Push the lever down at the desired length to lock the handle in place. Twisting counter clockwise, tighten the screw on the ‘collar’ of the outside handle. Turn the screw clockwise to loosen the tension on the inside handle.