Cleaning and Conditioning Leather and Vinyl furniture

Leather, vinyl and ultra-leather furniture must be cleaned and conditioned twice a year to prevent drying and cracking. This is especially true if the furniture sits near a window with Westerly or Southern exposure.

After testing nearly a dozen products, Mary selected Leather Care as it cleans and conditions with an all-natural bees wax base. Leather Care is the only Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Mary tested that  cleaned the dirt in the tiny crevices in leather and vinyl. The others surface cleaned leaving dirt stuck in the grooves. And it was the only product that removes blue jean dye and some ballpoint ink.

Mary also chose this Leather Cleaner and Conditioner because as the name suggests, it cleans and conditions in one step to save you time and money.

Deep treat furniture twice a year by pouring Leather Care on a dampened soft cloth or our 100% Cotton Baby Diaper Cloth and wipe over the furniture. It cleans and softens without leaving an oily residue.

Weekly cleanings: Dilute Leather Care with water 1 part Leather Care to 5 parts water. Spray on and wipe to clean. For stubborn stains apply Leather Care full strength, wait 5 to 10 minutes and gently blot.

Note: Keep a lid on ink pens around leather or vinyl furniture. Some inks are made from gel that resists being acid washed off a check to deter thieves from altering checks. It does not come off leather or vinyl or anything else.