Cleaning Dining Room Furniture

Wood Furniture: Wood furniture must be deep cleaned and conditioned twice a year to prevent drying and cracking. Use our 100% cotton Baby Diaper Cloth then pour a bit of our Wood Care onto the cloth and wipe over the wood furniture. It cleans and conditions the wood in one step.

Remove water marks and scratches from dining room tables and chairs by adding a bit of elbow grease. It takes a bit of rubbing but the marks will disappear with help from Wood Care.

To clean your wood furniture on a weekly basis, simply mix 1 part Wood Care to 5 parts water. It leaves your wood with a healthy sheen and will not damage finishes.

If your family uses your dining room table for homework assignments, craft projects or as a gathering place, keep it covered with either a protectant pad or a plastic table cloth. You can cover the plastic table cloth with one made with cloth for a more attractive setting. The plastic table cloth will protect the table from spills and accidents like the damage from fingernail polish.