Cleaning Pleated Fabric Shades

Pleated fabric shades cannot be cleaned with any liquid including water. Liquids quickly disintegrate the fabric causing them to fall apart.

The safest and fastest way to clean pleated fabric shades is with our Dry Sponge Like the name suggests, used it dry to prevent damage to the fabric. (The one exception is rice paper window shades. Please check with the manufacturer for the proper way to clean those.)Wipe over the shades shifting the sponge as it soils.

Dry sponges quickly remove pet hair from furniture, dust from lampshades and lint from clothing. Just make certain the sponge is clean before using it on clothing.

To clean a Dry Sponge take it outside and sand with fine 600 - 800 grit sandpaper. They can be washed in sudsy water and rinsed. However, these sponges are dense and take several days to dry out.

For spots, dampen a Q-Tip with a bit of water. Then dab it into a little bit of organic hair shampoo. Now apply to the spot, wait 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with a barely damp cloth.