Cleaning Tires and Wheels

Green clean your tires with a tire brush and CleanEz 4 times a year to prevent drying and cracking. If you decide to use a tire treatment, which most tire companies do not recommend, make sure it contains no petroleum distillates. You must request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from the manufacturer or look for it online to determine if your tire treatment contains distillates. Look for the words: aliphatic hydrocarbon, petroleum, hydrocarbon or mineral oil. These are all alternative names for petroleum distillates. Distillates wear down the rubber over time cause the tire to soften and blow out.

Wheels: Sealed wheels must be cleaned with soap and water only. Any metal polish will erode the finish.

Mag and Aluminium wheels: Oil, grease, brake dust and oxidation leave wheels dull. A good metal polish like Mary’s Metal Polishremoves all these impurities and leaves the wheels clean, polished with a show room shine. Mary’s Metal Polishwas awarded the 2012 Best Product at the Las Vegas Car Show.