Cleaning Wood Furniture

Cleaning Wood Furniture without toxic chemicals is vital to your health and that of our Earth. Try the most eco-friendly Wood Care product around. Pour a bit of Mary’s bees wax based Wood Care onto our 100% cotton Baby Diaper Cloth.  Gently wipe on the furniture working with the grain of the wood.

Wood Care also removes most water spots and some scratches. Dab on the spot and rub Wood Care into the wood. Wait for two to three days, then treat your entire table with Wood Care.

Wood Care, a Cleaner and Conditioner, brings back the natural color of wood to your furniture and cabinets. Don't forget your chairs. They dry and crack as well.

All wood needs to be deep cleaned and conditioned twice a year to prevent dry and cracking. Our Wood Care is the only Wood treatment on the market that can be diluted with water for weekly cleanings. And it restores the luster to bathroom cabinets too!

Avoid using Wood Care on any furniture with a black finish including antiques and Eastern furniture.