Damage Caused by some Cleaners

Some heavy duty cleaners contain heavy duty cleaners and phosphorus that can damage the sealant on your boat and are harmful to marine life. These cleaners leave a sticky residue on the surface (think kitchen floor after mopping it with Simple Green) that builds up and eventually causes the sealant to soften and oxidize.

Oxidation appears gradually and usually goes undetected until after the damage has already occurred. If you see a whitish compound or paint coming off your cloth as you polish or dry your boat, oxidation has begun to set in and must be removed to prevent further damage to the finish.

It takes a bit of elbow grease, a buffer is best to use, and our RenewzIt.  The results  leave your boat in near new condition depending on the stage of oxidation. Wait 24 hours then apply the first coat of Advantage A month later apply a second coat building 3 to 4 layers within a year to stop further oxidation.