How to Clean Dishes Fast

The dish washer is full, you are in a hurry so tonight's dishes can just wait. Or can they?

Here are a few ideas to get the dishes done fast: .

1) In the morning after breakfast squirt a bit of liquid dish soap on the dish brush. Then when a dish needs washing it’s easy to clean. Never set a used cup, dish, plate etc in the kitchen sink. Always wash it.

2)If you don't have a dish washer then here is a handy trick to clean dishes, glasses and silverware. It's great for RVers and boaters as well and an alternative to #1 above. Fill one new spray bottle half full with water add a couple drops of liquid dish, shake gently and finish filling with water. Mark the bottle 'wash.'

Pour 1/4 cup food grade distilled white vinegar into a second bottle and fill with water. Mark it 'rinse.' Spray the plate or whatever with the 'wash' water, scrub with your dish brush then spray with the vinegar and water solution. Leave in the dish drainer to dry.

Never leave dishes in the sink where bacteria can grow on the food. It takes but a few minutes to clean them and let them air dry in the dish drainer.