How to Clean Linoleum and Vinyl Floors

Mop linoleum and vinyl floors with hot water and a bit of food grade distilled white vinegar. If your floor requires a cleanser, add just a drop of CleanEz.  Fill a spray bottle mostly full with water add a tablespoon of CleanEz. Spray traffic areas first to loosen the dirt before you mop with Mary Moppins Best Home Mop. Mary's Mop uses ordinary terry towels to clean. The towels are always laundered so the floor gets cleaner. Self-wringing mops only move the dirt around and leave the floor sticky.

Some linoleum floors have deep grooves. Scrub the floor with a nylon bristle brush dipped in a tablespoon of CleanEz per gallon of water. Rinse with ľ cup vinegar per gallon of water.

If your floor still looks dull or does not come clean, itís time to strip and wax. Janitorial supply stores carry a stripper, sealant and non-yellowing wax. Remove the wax by working in 4 foot by 4 foot sections scrubbing with a nylon brush. Repeat till the floor is finished. Rinse with a terry towel dipped in 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar per gallon of water then again with plain water.

Apply the sealant and allow it to dry then apply two coats of wax allowing each to dry between applications.

Maryís Tricks of the Trade: Remove black heel marks with a dab of toothpaste. Gum comes off by freezing it with ice. Oil and grease dissolve with concentrated CleanEz  - rinse thoroughly. Melt wax with a hair dryer and wipe away with a white paper towel.

This article may only be copied giving full credit to Mary Findley and her website