Microwave Cleaning Tips

Oh, the number of times you heated leftovers in the microwave only to have the food splatter everywhere. First of all do some research on the hidden dangers of using microwaves. You might follow the current trend and close their doors for good.

If you use a microwave never cook on high and use the microwave only for heating food and then on a medium temperature only. Never use plastic or cover bowls with Saran Wrap. Heat transfers the toxic petrochemicals from the plastic to your food.

Place food on a ceramic or glass plate can cover with a glass or ceramic bowl. When you heat the food, steam forms inside the plates keeping the food moist so you don't need the high heat. The top plate also prevents food from splattering - remember what I said about prevention and speed cleaning?

Clean microwaves by spraying the interior with CleanEz and let it set a good four to five minutes. Wipe with a barely dampened towel.