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When Green Cleaners Aren't So Green

Earth Friendly, Eco Friendly, Green Cleaner what is the difference and why should you care? Let me start by saying that a cleaner like my CleanEz is both Earth Friendly - because it is concentrated, and a Green Cleaner - it's EPA certified. A ready to use product that is certified organic qualifies as being Green because it is Human Friendly. It does not qualify as Earth Friendly because it is ready to use rather than being concentrated.

One quart of CleanEz makes 32 quarts of cleaner. That means when you purchase any ready to use cleaner you must purchase 32 bottles to obtain the same amount of clean that one bottle of concentrated cleaner offers.

Let's bump this up a notch. Say one million people buy a ready to use product and one million people buy my CleanEz. That means 32 million bottles of a ready to use product must be produced versus one million of my CleanEz or another concentrated cleaner. Think for a moment of the tremendous amount of electricity, resources, power and fuel required to produce 32 million bottles of cleaner versus 1 million.

Here is where the staggering facts start accumulating. Cleaners are shipped to the store packaged 12 bottles per case. One million bottles of CleanEz requires 83,333 case boxes. Furthermore, plastic is made from our precious oil. So that means a concentrated cleaner uses oil for one million bottles.

To obtain the same amount of cleaner, 32 million bottles of a ready to use product must be produced requiring 2,666,666 cases of cardboard boxes plus the additional oil to make 31 million more plastic bottles. Now comes the shipping. These cases start at the manufacturing plant and are sent by semi-truck to a distribution center. Another semi-truck must take that load from the distribution center to the store. It's easy to see the impact that is required to ship 2,666,666 cases of ready to use product versus 83,333 cases of concentrated.

When you purchase cleaners, stop to consider the impact on Mother Earth. Purchase bulk whenever you can to eliminate packaging. Take your own reusable bags to the store. Become a Mary Moppins Greener Cleaner by reading more on this website about reducing, saving and investing in your health and that of Mother Earth.

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