Baby Diaper Cloths (4 Pk)

Baby Diaper Cloths (4 Pk) | Boat Cleaning

Baby Diaper Cloths (4 Pk)

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Baby Diaper Cloths (4pk)

Soft 100% unbleached cotton for polishing RV's, boats, motorcycles, toy haulers and more with our Advantage Waterless Wash and Dry protectant. Great for dusting, polishing silverware or applying our Leather Care or Wood Care. Unlike microfiber, our Diaper Cloths will not scratch, and our newest line of baby diapers are thicker for improved polishing results.

Baby Diaper Cloths 4 pack

100% cotton polish and dusting cloths. Soft enough for a baby's bottom, these eco-friendly unbleached, green cleaning cloths' take gentle care of furniture. Use them to apply Wood Care or Leather/Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner. Baby diapers make excellent polishing cloths to apply Advantage to your RV, car, Motorhome, motorcycle, trailer, toy hauler or boat. Unlike microfiber, our 100% cotton Diaper Cloths will not scratch.


Launder prior to use in warm water and an organic laundry detergent for best results. Do not use fabric softeners as they leave smears on surfaces. Replace fabric softeners with food grade distilled white vinegar.