Cotton Terry Towel 2 pk

Cotton Terry Towel 2 pk | Cleaning Tools

Cotton Terry Towel 2 pk

Price: $12.99

Cotton Terry Towel

Heavy duty 100% cotton terry cloth towels. These are the heavy weight cotton terry towels that professional detailers use.

NOTE: Cotton Terry Towels may contain heavy dye. For best results, wash by themselves, twice before use. 

Uses and Tips

Dry vehicles, mop floors using Mary Moppins Mop, clean bathrooms or kitchens or anywhere a terry towel is used to clean. These towels last for years of service.


Launder before use. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as those will cause streaks and smears on the sides. Terry towels turn into hard balls after 4 or 5 years of use.

Note: Always replace terry towels when the soft nubs turn hard as the nubs hold onto grit and can scratch the surface of a vehicle. When this happens use them to clean the bathroom!