Window Wizard

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Window Wizard

Price: $26.99

Window Wizard

Zap bugs off your Motorhome & Truck windshields quickly with our Window Wizard with 4-Way Swivel Pad Holder. Tackle windows at home, the office or sunrooms. The Blue wash (indicated on back of pad) microfiber pad washes, while the softer blue pad dries for an unbeatable combination. Dampen the Blue wash pad with window cleaner, then watch the pads work.

Uses and Tips

Clean curved glass of RV's, Sunrooms, and large pane windows with the Window Wizard. This system will cut out grime in moments. There are two pads per kit. The Blue pad washes, while the Green pad dries. This 9" Window Wizard comes complete with our 4-Way pad holder. If you are purchasing our Lambswool Wash and pad holder, only order the Window Wizard Replacement Pads as they all attach to the same 4-Way swivel pad holder.


Attach the pad holder to our Fiberglass Extension Handle or any standard ACME threaded handle. Tighten the screws on the handle to adjust the swivel to the correct tension.

The wash pad is marked “wash” on the back tag. Dampen this pad with our Benya or water and attach to the pad holder. Go over the windshield or window once to dampen the surface, then a second time to remove bugs and dirt. Rinse in a bucket of water.

Remove the wash pad and attach the dry pad to dry the window. When this pad becomes saturated, wring out the excess moisture.