Dry Sponge

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Dry Sponge

Price: $7.99

Dry Sponge

The Dry Sponge is a very handy tool to have around the house. Use it dry to remove pet hair from furniture or clean fabric pleated shades, window screens, door screens, lampshades or lint from clothing.

Uses and Tips

Only use this sponge dry and wipe over surfaces. Go easy when cleaning fabric pleated shades or lampshades. After use, sand with a 600-800 grit sand paper to clean. You may also wash in sudsy water, but due to the density it takes a couple of days to dry


Use Dry Sponge and wipe over fabric furniture to remove dust and pet hair. Gently wipe over pleated fabric shades including day/night shades in RVs and Motorhomes. Dust lamp shades or remove lint from clothing. Use it instead of buckets of water to clean window screens or door screens.

Take it outside and sand with a 600 to 800 grit sand paper. It can be washed in sudsy water. Due to the density it takes a couple of days to dry. Sanding it off is faster and allows you to continue cleaning.