Remember how I encourage you to walk through your home with pen and paper in tow and list everything that needed to be cleaned? Then to list those chores into a time schedule with weekly must do, bimonthly cleanings, quarterly and yearly jobs? Oops it's still not done huh? It takes about 30 minutes to complete a 'tour de dust' and get your list typed out on your word processor.

Right now is a quiet time for most households. Christmas or Hanukah and other spiritual celebrations have come to a close. Decorations have been tucked away and it's time to grab the rag bag.

To make things easier, I'll skip cleaning a room in my home each week. When I have larger tasks to do like treating the cabinets I'll skip the guest bedroom or formal dining room to give me time to tackle these chores.

First on your to do list is to condtions your woodwork including doors, window sills and cabinets. Winter air and wood stoves dry wood. Then comes the intense rays of the sun in summer all of which contribute to dry, cracked cabinets and wood furniture. Our Wood Care does an excellent job conditioning all your wood furniture and cabinets. Painted cabinets or antique furniture with the original black lacquer finish are the exceptios.

NOTE: If you have been using a product like End Dust, Pledge or Old English do not switch products. These products contain chemicals when combined with other products can leave a sticky residue on furniture. Other products like Guardsman, Orange Glo etc are just fine when used Wood Care.

The next several posts will cover more winter time cleaning chores. Don't wait till spring when the weather is nice and you want to be outdoors to tackle spring cleaning. Switch to winter cleaning and I bet these jobs get finished.

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