Exterior Detail Kit

Exterior Detail Kit | Cleaners

Exterior Detail Kit

Price: $59.99

Exterior Detail Kit

Kit Includes:

  • 24oz Advantage
  • 16oz Renewz-It
  • 16oz Shine-It

This Exterior Detail Kit will not only help to renew and restore your vehicle's paint job. Follow with Advantage to give it layers of protection against UV rays, bug splatters and dirt or grime buildup.

Uses and Tips

For best results, use a random orbital buffer to apply Renewz-It and Shine-It. Always wash your vehicle prior to using Renewz-It or Shine-It to prevent further scratches from occurring. 


Beginning on a clean surface, use Renewz-It to remove oxidation, scratches, impurities and swirl marks. Work only on a cool surface. Shake bottle well. Rub a small amount of compound onto your buffing pad, and slowly work it in. Set your buffer to low speed 1200-1500 rpm. Begin working the paint in a small 2 x 2 foot section. Work compound until nearly dry, then wipe with 100% cotton terry towel. 

Next, follow the same instructions to apply Shine-It. 

Lastly, spray with Advantage to provide a layer of protection. Again, work a small section at a time. Allow the Advantage to haze over. Then using a clean new dry towel, wipe the haze off to show a glossy, protected finish on your vehicle.