Debris Guard

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Debris Guard

Price: $12.99

Debris Guard

Mary Moppins Debris Guard sits in the bottom of a common 5 gallon bucket. Simply place its four feet at the bottom of your bucket, giving a 3" rise. Fill the bucket with your RV or automotive wash soap and water. The Debris Guard allows dirt and debris to settle below, keeping your wash tool safely away from the sediment.

Uses and Tips

Use the Debris Guard to keep sediment in the bottom of your wash bucket. This reduces the risk for swirl marks or scratches to occur on your painted surface. Prevent the dirt and debris from getting back into your clean water by elevating your wash tool with the Debris Guard. 


Place your fingers through the holes in the Debris Guard. Set it in the bottom of a common 5 gallon bucket. Fill your bucket with wash solution and wash your RV or automobile. When you are finished washing, discard your water and remove the Debris Guard. Rinse it off and store it for the next use.