Precision Home Cleaning Kit Plus

Precision Home Cleaning Kit Plus | Cleaning Kits

Precision Home Cleaning Kit Plus

Price: $145.99

Precision Home Kit Plus

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Ea Fiberglass Extension Handle
  • 1 Ea 9" Cleaning Head
  • 2 Ea Blue cotton terry towels for bathrooms
  • 2 Ea White cotton terry towels for the kitchen
  • 1 Ea Green cotton terry towel for the floors
  • 2 Ea 100% cotton Baby diaper cloths for dusting
  • 2 Ea Lint Free Towels for windows and mirrors
  • 1 Ea 32 oz Concentrated CleanEz all purpose cleaner
  • 1 Ea 32 oz concentrated Benya streak free glass cleaner
  • 2 Ea Spray Bottles to dilute CleanEz and Benya

  • Finally - one kit with everything to need to Speed Clean your Home, Apartment or Condo. Precision cleaning - even faster than speed cleaning!
  • NOTE: Cotton Terry Towels may contain heavy dye. For best results, wash by themselves, twice before use.

Uses & Tips

Additional Items you may need from Mary Moppins to Complete Your Kit

Wood Care to clean and condition wood furniture and cabinets

Advantage to wax toilets and shower walls. The protective polymers make the surface slick so nothing sticks!

White Scrubbie Pad to remove stains in Corian counters or cleaning soap scum or water spots in bathrooms.

Window Wizard for cleaning 2nd story windows, skylights or sun rooms.

Leather Care for leather or vinyl furniture for home, car, boat, RV, motorcycle

Stain Eraser for stains in tile grout

Additional things you may need from the store

From the Hardware Store:

1 ea Divided tote tray

1 ea 11/2 inch paint brush for dusting cobwebs in tight areas

3 to 4 Sponge paint brushes to clean tight areas like window frames.

From the Grocery Store:
1ea Plastic parmesan cheese shaker with holes in the lid or a baking soda container with holes in the lid

1 ea Lg box of baking soda fill the plastic parmeaean cheese shaker with the baking soda

1 gallon Food Grade distilled white vinegar. Make certain it says food grade otherwise distilled vinegar could be made from petroleum, which should not be used in the home.
1 ea Plastic cup to hold small cleaning tools like toothbrushes

1 ea Toilet bowl brush that does not have metal rings or parts
1 ea Sink Cleaning brush


The directions section describes what is in each kit. Please click on the individual items and the direction tab to find out how to use each item. Directions will come with the kit.

The time this kit saves you is priceless. Precision Cleaning dramatically cuts your cleaning time.

While you are waiting for your kit to arrive, complete your kit with a few things you can get at the grocery store or hardware store than you could get through me. Click on the Uses and Tips tab at the bottom for the rest of your kit. There are additional items you might want from Mary Moppins and must have items from the stores.