Remove Rust Spots on Floors

Most rust on stone floors is caused by metal chairs and tables. Purchase the sticky backed felt pads at the fabric store. Put one under the foot of each table and chair leg to prevent rust spots.

Removing rust from tile can be tricky. Mary's number one rule of cleaning is to give your product time to work. Tile is porous that liquids soak right through without staying on the stain long enough to clean it. Place a heavy duty paper towel on top of the spot and squeeze a sizeable amount of juice from a fresh lemon on the towel. Let that set 30 to 60 minutes keeping the towel saturated the entire time. Then scrub with a salt and lemon juice paste. Test a small spot first as lemon juice is acidic and could damage the floor.

If that doesn't work then mix a paste of baking soda and lemon juice. Pat on the spot and let it set an hour. Keep the paste damp with lemon juice. Scrub and rinse with hot water. Sometimes rust stains just will not come out of tile floors. If one method lightens the spot keep repeating until the stain has been removed as long as it has not damaged the floor.

Stone floors in Sun Rooms clean quickly without buckets of water with Mary Moppins Best Home Mop Plus It uses terry towels to mop, which do an excellent job cleaning all stone floor surfaces. Then use a towel over the mop head to dust cobwebs