Renewz-It | Cleaners


Price: $18.99


Renewz-It rids your car, RV, motorhome, toy hauler, boat, trailer, truck, airplane and vans of oxidation, scratches, impurities, water spots, swirl marks and fog on headlights. RenewzIt contains a series of specially formulated compounds that dissolve the paint and blend it over blemishes to restore your paint. Deep scratches may not totally be gone but they will be improved enough to be barely noticeable.

Uses and Tips

Work only on a cool surface. Buffers provide the best results but working by hand will do the job. If using a buffer, use only wool pads and NEVER microfiber.

Fog on headlights requires extra elbow grease but it will come off. You must use Advantage once the fog is gone. Otherwise it will return.


First clean the surface with Advantage for a show-stopping shine.