About Mary Moppins

Pure frustration drove Mary to invent Mary Moppins. On one cleaning job, she used four sponge heads to strip and wax a floor. The waste made her so angry she threw the mop at her garage wall ripping a hole in the sheetrock. She quickly learned the art of plastering.

On a tip that most Europeans clean with terry towels, Mary spent a few frustrating years rigging her own mop head. Floors that had once taken 30 to 45 minutes to clean, were spotless in under five. Her customers loved them and all wanted one. Soon Mary was peddling her mops at various home shows and RV rallies.

Mary used the determination to do what is right as a solution to what seemed to be an insurmountable problem. As people needed specialty tools for their RVs, Mary either found them or invented one. Other folks began asking for advice on cleaning boats to open boat detailing companies. Others complained that some cleaners were very watered down. Mary created solutions to each of these problems. She attended international trade conventions and spent hours researching and testing products, only to add the best products to the growing line known as Mary Moppins.

In 2016, Mary decided to take a smaller role within the company, allowing Jared Hausfeld and Zach Voog to continue with her passion and build the industry around the same quality products Mary once developed.

Jared grew up with a passion for automobiles. In childhood, he frequently visited his grandfather who built a car dealership from its roots in a small town in rural Ohio. Jared spent many summers there, learning the ins and outs of vehicles. His father went in the same footsteps, getting into vehicle acquisitions and classic vehicle restorations. 

Through the generations of industry knowledge, Jared decided to manage the same path in the automotive industry that his father and grandfather had paved. He owned an auto detailing and restoration business of his own and continued to learn the process of detailing.

Today, Jared can detail all different types of vehicle materials, and has learned the appropriate tools for the job. This is how it was easy to continue in the footsteps of Mary. Using his experience, along with her product expertise, it was a perfect fit.

Zach spent the past century growing through the banking industry. After leaving his career to join Jared in business, he continued to manage sales, inventory, and book-keeping. 

Zach loves the outdoor life, and times spent deep in the woods. He has traveled to many countries taking in the scenery and exploring the different terrains. This passion for the outdoor life, along with his desire for process management, has allowed Zach to continue a balanced working life. 

Paired with the vast knowledge that Jared has in the industry, this gave them both the desire to pick Mary Moppins up from where it left off, and continue with such a premium product line in the industry.