Angle Adapter with Thread Lock

Angle Adapter with Thread Lock | Cleaning Tools

Angle Adapter with Thread Lock

Price: $29.99

Angle Adapter with Thread Lock

Our unique Angle Adapter positions tools to the desired cleaning angle. Clean under and over curved areas in Boats, Trailers, Sunrooms, or Motorhomes. Our Grip Tite tightens around cleaning tools to prevent them from twisting loose, so they stay at the desired angle. Attach the Angle Adapter to our Fiberglass Extension Pole to give better elbow grease to your project.

Uses and Tips

The 270° Angle Adapter positions any tool to the desired angle. The Grip Tite on our Angle Adapter contains a unit that tightens around tools holding them firmly at the correct angle for cleaning.


Screw the Angle Adapter onto the threads of your Mary Moppins’ Fiberglass Extension Handle or your standard ACME handle. 

Then attach your cleaning tool adjusting it to the correct position for cleaning. Twist the smaller black knob at the top of the Grip Tite until the tan ring locks around the tool. Adjust the angle of the Adapter.

NOTE: Remove the Grip Tite when using a tapered tool such as a window squeegee by twisting the large black knob counter-clockwise then detach the Grip Tite from the angle adapter. Reverse to reattach.