Cleaning the Heads (toilets)

Use caution when cleaning showers and heads. Never put any product down the drains that will harm marine life.

Toilets in most boats are plastic and must be handled with kid gloves so not to damage the plastic. Remove stains by soaking a  heavy duty paper towel or shop towel with food grade distilled white vinegar. Pat onto the stains, let that set 30 minutes then scrub with a non-scratch pad.

Clean toilets by pouring straight food grade distilled white vinegar onto a cotton toilet bowl mop and wipe over the toilet. Wait a few minutes then scrub with a bit of baking soda poured on the cotton bowl mop. Most janitorial supply companies carry these cotton toilet bowl mops.

Now let's make life a bit easier since most boaters abhor cleaning the heads. After cleaning the toilet, grab your bottle of Advantage, which is a waterless wash and protectant for boats, RVs, cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks and airplanes. It contains polymers, which protect from UV ray damage. Polymers make a surface slick so nothing sticks. When nothing sticks to the toilet, cleaning is so much easier.

After cleaning the toilet back out the water. Dry the toilet and spray it with Advantage then wipe it around to spread evenly.

Note: Read the labels on vinegar to make sure the bottle says 'food grade, safe for pickles or made from grain' otherwise it is made from petroleum.