Disposal Odors

People tend to pour all kinds of toxic chemicals down their drains especially disposals attempting to rid them of odors. Let's take a look at how to do this safely without adding more toxic pollutants to our waterways.

Dampen a round toilet bowl brush with EPA certified green cleaner CleanEz then sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the brush. Scrub the inside of the disposal to remove food particles that may be clinging to the sides. Now head to a pet store for Nature’s Miracle and pour half the recommended amount into both kitchen drains. On the disposal side pour the nature’s Miracle on a cotton toilet bowl cleaner and wipe around the sides of the disposal. The enzymes "eat" away any food particles removing the offending odors from the drains. It will keep your entire drain clear except for tree roots. Toss the toxic drain openers. They kill marine life.

Pour Nature's Miracle down bathroom sinks and shower or tub drains monthly to prevent the clogs. The enzymes are healthy for municipal systems, septic systems and holding tanks.