Green Clean a Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom probably ranks as the number one most unpopular home cleaning chore. Let's take a look at eco-friendly solutions to putting a sparkle back in your bathroom.

My primary rules of thumb to clean your bathroom:

1. Give your product time to work. Spray the surface wait 5 minutes then wipe

2. Prevention; prevention; prevention!

3. Sprays of any kind especially hair spray sticks: on your hair, your counters, the floor, the mirrors and inside your body. If you canít get it off your mirrors how do you think you are going to get it off your lungs, your organs and your intestines? Use a gel and make certain it is organic.

4. Go green with your air fresheners and make your own by mixing a teaspoon of food grade distilled white vinegar in a bottle of water. Add a drop of organic essential oil if desired. Most air fresheners, plugs included, are toxic and should stay on the grocery store shelf.

A few simple changes in the bathroom will save your hours of work each month.

*Pour 1 cup food grade distilled white vinegar into your toilet overnight once a month to prevent toilet bowl rings.

Advantage your toilets. The Polymers in Advantage protect your vehicles from UV ray damage but they also make a surface slick. After removing the stains in your toilet back the water out, dry the toilet and spray Advantage inside. Wipe and in 10 minutes let the water back in. Your toilets are slick so nothing sticks. Cleaning toilets has never been easier.

*After doing the toilets spray a lightweight towel and wipe Advantage on your clean shower. It makes those surfaces slick so soap scum canít stick.

*Speaking of soap scum Ė have you switched soaps yet? Switch to glycerine, organic liquid or bar soap from a health food store. Good-bye soap scum.