Green Clean a Boat and Protect the Water

Green clean a boat around sensitive lakes and rivers is necessary if our delicate marine life is to survive. Pull your boat out of the water and clean it on the shore using a pressure washer. Never use a detergent as they kill fish and damage marine life.

Better yet, pull your boat out of the water and use Advantage.  Advantage cleans your boat, even the scum along the water line, and protects in one step. You never need to worry about detergents killing fish or marine life. *NOTE: It may be necessary to pre-clean grease and oil with Maryís Clean Ez.

Should you decide to wash use a pressure washer, Mary Moppins 100% Lambswool Wash with swivel pad holder and her Angle Adapter make quick work of the job. Adjust the tension on our pad holder to prevent it from flipping during use. Lambswool will not scratch your boat, RV, car, plane and other people haulers like brushes and microfiber.

Our Angle Adapter has a patented Grip Tite that tightens around our Lambswool Wash pad holder so the Lambswool Wash or brush is held firmly at the correct angle to clean. The Angle Adapter curves over the sides of your boat to speed cleaning time on your boat.

Need to dry your windshields while out boating? Try a combo of our Angle Adapter and Mary Moppins Cleaning Head that holds terry towels in place.

Remove grease and oil by wiping on a 50/50 solution of CleanEz to water. Wait 10 to 15 minutes then remove the spots.

Protect your investment by using the best product on the market. Advantage leaves a show stopping shine on your boat while protecting it against the elements including UV ray damage.

Don't forget to clean and condition seats and benches with Mary's Leather and Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner. It cleans and conditions in one easy step. When the seats are soft and pliable stains are far easier to remove. And it prevents drying and cracking. Fish stains

Always use a metal polish like Mary's Metal Polish to remove oxidation, grease and oil build-up. It leaves a great shine and the polymers in Metal Polish help protect against the elements.

Depend on EPA certified CleanEz for all your cleaning chores around your boat, home or RV.  One quart size bottle makes 8 gallons of cleaner. Itís kind to our Earth and your wallet.