How to Clean Cork and Bamboo Floors

Protect cork and bamboo floors from scratches and dents by placing felt padding under furniture. Always remove your shoes or you will scratch these floors. Cork and bamboo fade especially in the sun so protect areas in front of windows and doors with neutral colored area rugs. Do not use rubber backed rugs or dark colored rugs on any kind of hard floor surface.

Mop cork floors the same as a wood floor using 1/4 cup food grade distilled white vinegar per gallon of water and Mary Moppins Best Home Mop. Mary's mop uses ordinary terry towels. Spray the towel with the vinegar and water solution so it's just damp enough to mop but not so damp that it warps the cork.

Never damp mop a bamboo floor. You will warp the floor. Spot clean only. Think twice before installing this floor especially with kids or pets.

And please for the sake of Mother Earth chose wood floors that come from trees close to home. Rain forest trees are being cut by the thousands every day. Animals are losing their natural habitat and are suffering from food shortages.