How to Clean Window Coverings

Mini Blinds: This speedy trick is for blinds that are past the point of no return and nothing but a good soak in the bathtub will clean the grime. If you do prefer to soak mini blinds in the tub, lay down plenty of towels to protect the tub against scratches.

Measure the blinds. Now drive two sturdy nails into the back of your home one foot shorter than the width of your blinds making sure the nails are high enough off the ground that the blinds don't drag on the ground.

Remove the blinds and hang them from the nails. Turn the slats downwards facing you. Start at the bottom of the blinds and spray your way to the top using a foaming tub and tile cleaner. Be sure to spray the cord as well!

Wait until the foam has begun to drip from the top then sponge off, reverse the slats, flip the blind over and repeat from the back. Dry and rehang. This painless procedure should only take you 10 to 15 minutes.

NOTE: Foaming tub and tile cleaners are toxic so Mary Moppins does not approve of using it, but it does a fast job cleaning these blinds.

Now that they are clean, let's keep them that way - Mary Moppins way. Grab our 100% cotton Baby Diaper Cloths and spritz it with our diluted CleanEz Turn the slats downwards and wipe over the blinds. Reverse the slats, pull the blind out away from the window, walk around behind the blind and wipe. Clean them every 2 to 3 months and you'll never get the grungy buildup again.

Fabric pleated shades: Never clean these shades with water as it destroys them. Grab one of Mary Moppins Dry Sponges and wipe over the shade. Take the sponge outside and sand it with sandpaper to continue cleaning. Remove stains by dabbing a Q-Tip in a bit of liquid dish soap. Dab on the spot wait 5 minutes and remove with a 1 to 5 solution vinegar to water on a light weight cloth.

Vertical Blinds: Rarely do they need cleaning. Their main problem is the tabs at the top break easily so the slat no longer attaches to the blind. Vacuum these blinds every 3 or 4 months to remove dust.