Fabric, cloth furniture and carpet: Squeeze enough juice from a fresh lemon to thoroughly saturate the spot. Generously sprinkle on some salt and let that set 24 hours. Rinse with cool water and repeat is needed. Refresh the lemon juice several times.

Metal surfaces: Treat metal immediately. It's easier to treat a small spot than to sand and repaint. Use navel jelly from an automotive supply store.


Automobile: Dab on just a bit of CleanEz. Wait 5 to 6 minutes rinse thoroughly and dry. Repeat if needed. Alternately it can be frozen with ice and gently scraped off.

Clothing: Put the cloth in the freezer overnight. It will chip off the next morning. 

Feet or hands: Dab on vegetable oil wait a few minutes and wash.

Furniture or decks: Freeze the sap by placing an ice cube in a leak proof plastic bag then chip off what you can with a dull knife or scraper being very careful not to gouge the surface. Use just a bit of vegetable oil to remove any remaining residue. Then finish by conditioning the wood using our Wood Care.

To remove sap from hair: gently rub vegetable oil on the spot. Give the oil 5 to 10 minutes to loosen the sap and wash with warm sudsy water. Repeat if needed. CleanEz will also remove sap from hair without the oily residue that vegetable oil will leave in your hair.