14" Super Cleaning Head


14" Super Cleaning Head

Price: $29.99

14" Super Cleaning Head

We sell our Super Cleaning Head without the handle for RV'ers, boaters, or Commercial Cleaning companies who have handles.

Use our Super Cleaning Head and a terry towel to mop large floor areas - fast. Dry RVs, boats, trucks or vans even airplanes. Unbeatable for nursing homes, doctor offices, small shops and offices. Lasts for years to save money and reduce landfill waste. Use with Angle Adapter.

Note: The Super Cleaning Head does not come with a Terry Towel so be sure to get a good Cotton Terry Towel from Mary Moppins.

Uses and Tips

The Super Cleaning Head is ideal for:

  • RVs, motorhomes, boats, vans, trucks and planes to hold your towel in place to dry, clean awnings or windshields out on the lake.
  • Speed clean homes with large open floor spaces
  • Janitorial services who clean homes, beauty or barber shops, small medical offices and small offices.
  • Nursing homes, medical offices and clinics to prevent cross contamination from room to room
  • Dust cobwebs including under the eaves of your home
  • Wash those ceilings and walls
  • Dry cars, vans, trailers and other vehicles
  • Use the handle for garage push brooms or paint rollers


Floors: Donít miss our Floor Care Guide for the right way to care for hard floor surfaces.

Home use: The Mary Moppins Mop is best for large open floor areas. Please review the directions for the Best Home Mop Plus. There are too many applications for the Super System to list all the directions here.

Commercial use: Review the directions for The Best Home Mop Plus for specifics for mopping.

*Nursing homes, clean rooms, doctorís offices: Launder dirty towels in the morning Ė do not dry. Or pre-dampen as many towels as there are patient rooms plus additional for hallways and corridors. Place wet towels in one bucket and dirty towels in a second. Spray the towel with disinfectant before mopping the floor.

Dust cobwebs, wash walls and windows using our lint free towels

*Small offices, beauty salons, barber shops, small retail stores: Dampen a terry towel with hot water, spray with disinfectant.

RVs: See RV Cleaning Tips for proper cleaning techniques for your RV or Motorhome. Squeegee off most of the water with our EZE Squeegee. Follow with a dry towel over the Mop Head and turn it on its end to dry between windows.

Clean awnings before rolling them up. Place a heavy duty towel over the cleaning head, spray with CleanEz to remove dirt on upper areas of your RV.

Boats: Order our Super System to help give you the flexibility you need while cleaning the sides of your boat.

After drying first with our EZE Squeegee attach a dry towel to the Mop Head to finish drying. Used with our Angle Adapter, our Mop Head and towel will dry windshields while on the lake or ocean.

Attach our Angle Adapter then spray a heavy weight terry towel with CleanEz. Place it over your Mop Head to spot clean grease and dirt.

Airplanes: Attach our Angle Adapter to our Handle or your handle. Then attach the EZE Squeegee to the angle adapter and place a dry towel on your Mop Head to finish drying. It works excellently for drying under the wings of a plane or over curves.

Attach our Angle Adapter then spray a heavy weight terry towel with CleanEz. Place over Maryís Mop head to spot clean grease and dirt.