Automobile: Dab on CleanEz concentrated.  Wait 4 to 5 and rinse. Repeat if needed.

Clothing: Dampen the fabric and dab on a concentrated CleanEz. Wait 7 to 8 minutes and rinse to remove. Fabric can also be frozen and the tar chipped off.

Feet or hands Rub on a good bit of vegetable oil wait a few minutes and wash.

Furniture or decks: Freeze the tar by placing an ice cube in a leak proof plastic bag then chip off what you can with a dull knife or scraper being very careful not to gouge the surface. Use just a bit of vegetable oil to remove any remaining residue. Then finish by conditioning the wood using our Wood Care.

Hair: gently rub vegetable oil on the spot. Give the oil 5 to 10 minutes to loosen the sap and wash with warm sudsy water. Repeat if needed. CleanEz will also remove sap from hair without the oily residue in your hair.