The Small Stuff Counts

Itís the small tricks of the cleaning trade that make life so much easier. Like using a 1 Ĺ inch paint brush to nap cobwebs across the tops of valances, door hinges or fan vents.

Or switching soap to a glycerine or organic soap to prevent clogged drains and soap scum buildup on shower walls.

Or getting two brand new spray bottles. Fill one bottle half full with water add 2 drops of organic liquid dish soap, shake a bit and fill with water. Fill the other bottle with ľ cup food grade vinegar (make sure your vinegar is food grade) and water. Mark the bottles. Use the liquid dish soap bottle to wash plates, glasses etc. Spray with the vinegar and water to rinse. This is a great method to reduce water usage especially if you are dry camping or in an area with drought.

Mary's RV and motorhome cleaning tips are compiled in her booklet Whistle While You Work*Three. She will have you whistling after you apply her fast and easy methods to clean and shine your RV inside and out.