Ultimate Lambswool RV Cleaning Kit

Ultimate Lambswool RV Cleaning Kit | RV Cleaning

Ultimate Lambswool RV Cleaning Kit

Price: $249.99

Ultimate Lambswool RV Cleaning Kit

Kit Includes:

  • 13" Lambswool Wash and Pad Holder
  • 9" Lambswool Wash and Pad Holder
  • Lambswool Hand Mitt
  • 18" EZE Squeegee
  • 14" Super Cleaning Head
  • 100% Cotton Terry Towel
  • Angle Adapter w/ Sure Grip Tightener
  • Window Wizard - pair of microfiber pads
  • 64 oz Advantage w/ Spray Bottle
  • 32 oz CleanEz w/ Spray Bottle
  • 32 oz Benya w/ Spray Bottle
  • Debris Guard
  • Baby Diaper Cloths (4 ct)
  • White Scrubbie Pad
  • Whistle While You Work

  • Wash in a Wool Shampoo and vinegar mixture for best results.


These genuine 100% Lambswool covers come on REAL Leather backing to gently wash RVs, boats, trucks, motorhomes and motorcycles.

Wash in a Wool Shampoo and vinegar mixture for best results.

Debris Guard

Mary Moppins Debris Guard sits in the bottom of a common 5 gallon bucket. Simply place its four feet at the bottom of your bucket, giving a 3" rise. Fill the bucket with your RV or automotive wash soap and water. The Debris Guard allows dirt and debris to settle below, keeping your wash tool safely away from the sediment.


This eco-friendly, concentrated cleaner makes 8 gallons of cleaner. Use a cap full with your soap solution to clean the exterior. Spray directly on tires and wheels to easily remove dirt and road grime. CleanEz is EPA Safer Choice Certified. Clean showers, tubs, toilets, kitchen counters, tough to clean stainless steel appliances. It removes most carpet, furniture and clothing stains.


Concentrated Benya is unsurpassed for all glass including black faced appliances, windshields, windows and glass furniture. Industrial strength Benya removes stubborn film on vehicles windows leaving them and all glass surfaces streak free. Gentle enough for granite and marble countertops.

Advantage Half Gallon

The half gallon of Advantage Comes With a Spray Bottle.

Advantage is specially formulated without petroleum distillates nor carnauba wax. The polymers in Advantage leave a show stopping shine while protecting against UV ray damage. Our polymers prevent oxidation even on decals, striping, signs or lettering. They leave the surface slick so bugs and dirt slide right off to make cleaning easy. Advantage contains kaolin clay which helps to remove impurities and bumps in the paint that damage the finish of the clear coat. Buff with Baby Diaper Cloths.

Baby Diaper Cloths (4pk)

Soft 100% unbleached cotton for polishing. Unlike microfiber, our Diaper Cloths will not scratch.

Whistle While You Work

This book is endorsed by Tiffin and Newmar Motorhomes, and has everything you need to know, to clean your RV inside and out.

NOTE: Kit does not include Fiberglass Extension Pole. Please order separately. All items attach to Acme threaded handles.

NOTE: Cotton Terry Towels may contain heavy dye. For best results, wash by themselves, twice before use.

Uses & Tips

Safely wash and dry RVs, motorhomes, trailers and toy haulers from the ground with our earth friendly Genuine Lambswool Wash on our 4-way swivel pad holder. Dry quickly to prevent water spots using our EZE squeegee followed with a terry towel over the Super Cleaning Head. The "velcro" type hook fasteners hold your towel in place so they don't fall in the dirt.


Wash your RV with the Lambswool Wash, baby shampoo and food grade distilled white vinegar in sections. The Window Wizards clean and dry windshields. Dry first with the EZE Squeegee, moving side to side with the squeegee held vertical by the Angle Adapter. As the RV is drying, spray Advantage in 3' x 3' sections, gently rubbing it in with a damp 100% Cotton Terry Towel wrapped around the Cleaning Head. Follow with a dry terry towel to remove the haze.

Wash Lambswool in a Wool Shampoo and vinegar mixture for best results. If no wool shampoo is available, use a new batch of baby shampoo with distilled white vinegar.