Carpet: When urine hits the padding in carpet it spreads. What looks like a small stain on the surface is twice that large on the padding. Always treat an area two to three times as large as the surface stain. Otherwise the odor remains and the pet continues to return to the same spot. Head to the pet store for a bottle of Nature's Miracle, which is an enzyme product that not only gets rid of the stain but the odor as well. The enzymes "eat" the odor causing bacteria

Furniture: Unfortunately the urine soaks into the padding and it's generally best to replace the padding. If you have young ones at home, use a plastic table cloth and turn it fuzzy side up. When an accident occurs the fuzzy part catches the urine and the plastic side protects the couch.

First remove as much of the urine from the couch as you can with a wet or dry vac. Then soak the seat cushion with Nature's Miracle.

Mattresses: Again with small children, use a plastic cover to protect the mattress. Follow the instructions for furniture. Mattresses can be professionally cleaned for best results.

Clothing: Immediately soak in sudsy water with one half cup of vinegar and one fourth cup of baking soda added to the water. Rinse and air dry to make certain you completely removed the stain. Finally spray on CleanEz before laundering to finish removing the stain.