Washing Clothes

Do your white clothes look dingy? Take the bleach to the toxic waste dump and switch to hydrogen peroxide or borax. Bleach causes the discoloration. Add one-half to 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide per regular washer. The first time allow the clothes to soak in the washer for 30 minutes. Then wash normally only use less detergent.

Basic laundering: Start filling your washer with water (not for front loading machines.) Add your detergent and peroxide then the clothes. The detergent can't clean unless it dissolves.

If you are having problems with your clothing not coming clean one reason could be your detergent. Most powdered detergents contain saw dust as a filler that causes your skin to itch and leaves scratches on a car. It is impossible to get clothing clean with sawdust. Switch to an earth friendly detergents that contains no fillers to end the problem. Liquid detergents still contain fillers that do not clean clothes.

Fill your washing machine tub only three-fourths full. Clothes clean by the agitating action amongst themselves. Crowd them and they canít come clean. Pre-treat stains with CleanEz diluted 20 parts water to 1 part CleanEz. It's cheaper than prewash sprays, works better too.

Fabric softeners are expensive and costly to our environment. Switch to food grade distilled white vinegar. It softens clothes and removes detergent so your skin wonít itch. Add one-half cup where you normally put your fabric softener.

Remember heat sets stains. Don't dry clothes unless the stain is gone.