Beer and Alcohol Stains

Immediately rinse with cool water. If you are out in public, dab on a bit of liquid hand soap from the restroom. Do not rub, let it set five minutes and rinse with cool water. If the stain remains, dab on a bit more soap and leave it on. It may look a bit strange, but the stain won't set.

Club soda also removes an alcohol stain and most food stains. If you are in a restaurant, ask for a glass of club soda and gently blot on the spot. Launder the garment when you return home.

At home, immediately spray with diluted CleanEz, wait 5 minutes then rinse with cool water and blot.

Wood: Wipe immediately and clean with sudsy water. Should the alcohol leave a watermark apply Mary Moppins Wood Cleaner and Conditioner allow it to set 30 minutes and wipe to remove. Apply the wood treatment to the entire tabletop. Wood needs conditioning at least twice a year to keep it moisturized.