Cleaning Stains in Stone Floor Grout

Most sun room floors are stone, usually tile or slate. Please see the floor care guide for the proper way to care for all hard floor surfaces. The grout between the stones or tiles must be properly sealed or stains become difficult to remove.

Clean them first to remove those stains.

Then head to a stone flooring company to purchase a five year grout sealer and on your way stop at a feed store for a syringe used to give horses and cattle shots. Ask the clerk to remove the needle and dispose of it properly. Use the plunger to pull the sealant into the cylinder. Apply one coat of the sealer and let it cure for three to four days. Apply a second coat and wait another four days.

Spray a bit of water on the grout. If the water beads on top of the grout, the grout is sealed. If not, then apply a third coat. Grout sealers work best if applied in thinner coats. Apply new grout when you begin to notice that the traffic paths are beginning to soil.