FAQs for Cleaning Bedrooms

  • The fabric pleated shades on my windows are always dusty and they get these little spots on them. What is a fast easy way to clean them and how do I remove the spots without damaging the fabric?

    Clean fabric shades quickly with our Dry Sponge. It is used dry so it will not damage any fabric. Wipe over the shades shifting the sponge as it soils. You can wash these sponges to reuse over and over.

    For spots, dampen a Q-Tip with a bit of water. Then dab it into a little bit of hair shampoo. Now apply to the spot, wait 10 and rinse with a barely damp cloth.

  • What is the best and fastest way to dust my bedrooms? It always seems like it takes me forever.

    Dusting your Bedroom. First of all make sure everything is picked up and put away. Clutter slows down your speed. Now start at the left of the room. Dust high things first like picture hangings and lampshades. Then dust the lower areas. Work you way around to the right. Most important don't stop what you are doing to work on another chore. Every time you stop your cleaning it takes time to pick you speed back up again. Keep going. When you finish one room do the next then vacuum the entire area.

  • Trick: Use an old but clean cotton tube sock and spritz it with Mary Moppins diluted Wood Care Cleaner and Conditioner. Place that over your non-dominate hand. Dust with your one hand and move objects with the other. You will love how quickly your hands fly through the dusting!