Green Clean the Interior your RV or Motorhome

Mary’s booklet, “Whistle While You Work*Three” is full of easy cleaning tips. It’s quite inexpensive and unbeatable to keep handy. Looking for the ultimate green cleaning book? Then grab a copy of Mary’s The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Cleaning where Mary teaches you her Precision Cleaning method, which is faster than speed cleaning along with hundreds of her shortcuts and tips.

Advantage the Inside

Have you Advantaged your toilets today? Clean your toilet then remove the water by turning off the valve at the back and flush. Dry the bowl. Spray Advantage in the toilet and wipe around. Wait 5 minutes and bring the water back in. The polymers that protect your RV or vehicle make a surface slick so nothing sticks. Cleaning toilets was never easier. (Carnauba wax products will not work.)

Advantage works great for showers too; only spray it on a cloth and wipe on the walls and doors otherwise the spray from Advantage will settle on the floor making the floor slick.