How to Remove Soap Scum

Cleaning soap scum from shower walls and bathtubs remains the biggest challenge in any bathroom. Eliminate the soap scum build-up by switching soap. The animal fat and talc in bar soap causes the build-up. Switch to organic soap like glycerine soap or one from a health food store. Soap scum also builds up in drains and is the main contributor to clogged drains. So yourself a favor and switch soaps.

Avoid any soap, hair shampoo or conditioner that contains sodium laurel sulphate or SLS. SLS extracts the petrochemicals out of plastic bottles turning to dioxin or Agent Orange, which is highly toxic.

Remove heavy soap scum build-up by mixing a cup of boiling vinegar and a tablespoon of CleanEz. Wipe on the walls with a light cloth. Wait 10 to 12 minutes then scrub gently with our White Scrubbie Pad dampened with the vinegar mixture. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat until the soap scum is completely gone. For weekly maintenance, dilute one ounce of CleanEz in a 32 ounce spray bottle of water.

Squeegee your shower and glass shower doors after showering to avoid water spot damage.

When you finish cleaning the shower spray Mary’s Advantage onto a cloth and wipe down the showers and glass shower doors. Never spray Advantage directly onto the shower walls as it will drift to the floor and make the floor slick, which could result in falls. The polymers in Advantage that protect your car from UV ray damage make a surface slick. The water sheets down to help prevent soap residue and water spots.

Advantage will not stop soap residue from building completely but will help scurry it down the drain. Have you Advantaged your toilet yet? It makes the toilet bowl slick so nothing sticks. Read the toilet bowl cleaning section to learn how.