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Your Complete Resource Guide

This appendix is your guide to products mentioned in this book. It also lists places to buy natural products like carpeting and paint; what agencies are available to help you go natural and a few other suggestions to peak your green sleuthing skills.

(c) Product Guide

Bon Ami Cleaning Powder: Any supermarket.

Brown Sheep Shampoo to wash wool and sweaters.

Cameo: Supermarket in with silver polishes

CleanEz: Mary Moppins

Denatured alcohol: Ask a pharmacist.

Dishwasher soaps: Bi-O-Kleen, 7th Generation or Life tree found in health food stores.

Dry sponge: Mary Moppins

Enzyme products: See Nature’s Miracle 

Essential oils: I have purchased from the first two listed several times with 100% satisfaction. Their oils are pure and properly extracted. Do be careful of the oils you buy. Cheap oils are diluted with toxic carrier oils.

Mountain Rose Herbs
Quintessence Aromatics
Starwest Botanicals

Filta Kleen ten- 35: increases your gas mileage prevents water damage from biofuels. 

Hydrogen peroxide: 3 percent: Grocery stores and drug stores.

Hydrogen peroxide: 25 percent food grade: Health food stores. Call first for availability 

Kleen-Free: Products to kill fleas, lice, bedbugs, mites on all surfaces including pets.

Leather cleaner and conditioner: Leather Care from Mary Moppins.

Life Tree Automatic Dishwashing Liquid: Natural food stores or 1-800.824.6396.

Metal Polish for wheels, boats, planes and RVs.

Nature’s Miracle: Pet stores or PetSmart.

Plastic scraper: Kitchen supply stores.

EZE Squeegee: Mary Moppins 

Towel Mops: Mary Moppins - Also carries baby diaper material cloths and lint free towels.

(c) Other Products to Green Your Home

Eco Mall is an active community for green living. Links to a large selection of green living products, an activist center and information.

Environmental Home Center: An online source for green building supplies.

Native Plant Society

Native Plant Conservation

National Gardening Association

Green Home: Featured in the New York Times large selection of natural products for the home. Information.

Home Remodeling: Green Home Guide is a wealth of information on going green when you build or remodel.

Insulation: Good Shepherd Wool Insulation has information on natural wool insulation.

Paint: Low VOC paint: Sherwin-Williams Harmony and Benjamin Moore Pristine EcoSpec. Other non-toxic Paint: Earth Easy is a good place for information on non-toxic paints.

Bio Shield Paint;  Livos Paint;  Auro Paint;  Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company.

Personal Care Products: EWG's Skin Deep check to see if the personal care products you use are safe. 

Earth and human friendly products for the home, yard and garden:      
    Lehman’s Non-Electric Catalog  
    The Vermont Country Store
    Real Goods

A book called “Country Wisdom and Know How” from the Editors of Storey Books teaches you everything on sustainable living and how to live off the land. Don’t miss this book. It is delightful reading with far too much information to list and its only $20.  

Other great reads:

Renee Loux's Easy Green Living

Diane Gow McDilda The Everything Green Living Book

Showerheads to remove chlorine and other toxic chemicals: Clean Air Plus & Ionizers 

Toys: Good Housekeeping Green information and child safe toys

(C) Organizations and Sources of Information

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry: Provides health problems on hazardous substances

American Coucil for an Energy Efficient Economy: They rate appliance efficiency.

Building Green: The GreenSpec® Directory lists 2,100 green products.

Cancer Prevention Coalition: Learn to protect yourself and your family from cancer.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Lists 148 chemicals found in human urine and their dangers. 

Childproofing our Communities Campaign: Dedicated to making the environment safe for children.

Children’s Environmental Health Network: Protecting children from environmental hazards. Resource guide/links.

Children’s Health Protection from the EPA

Citizens for Safe Carpet: This group can help if you have health problems caused by toxic carpeting. 513/385-1111. 

Consumer Health Organization of Canada: Articles on health and green living. Links.

Co-Op America and National Green Pages

The Dioxin Homepage: Information on the hazards of Dioxin

EnviroLink: Extremely large directory of all environmental organizations.

The Environment Directory: Extensive directory of companies and organizations.

Environmental Protection Agency

Essential oils – Books: Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless and The Directory of Essential Oils by Wanda Sellar

Friends of Earth

The Global Campaign for Recognition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Excellent information

Green Seal of Approval: They evaluate products for the Green Seal standard.

Greener Choices: Consumer Reports Guide to green products 

Healthy House Institute: An excellent resource for healthy indoor living.

Holistic Moms Network: Moms supporting moms who are raising their children in holistic ways.

Mother Earth News: An excellent resource magazine for our green environment.

National Environmental Health Association

National Institute of Health

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality: Download an A-Z guide to household hazardous substances and eliminate them. Click on Quick Links then Hazardous Waste.

Organic.org: An organic online website.

Organic Consumers Association

Organic Trade Association

Physicians for Social Responsibility: Reports on toxic threats to child developmental disorders. 

Recycling: A business resource guide to major recycling programs and companies. 

Simple Living: Resources to help you simplify your life.

Simple Living Network: Resources, books and articles to simplify your life. You’ll love this site.

U.S. Consumers Product Safety Commission

U.S. Department of Energy

Women’s Voices for the Earth: An organization educating women on toxic products.

About Mary

Mary Findley is a veteran cleaning expert and Founder of Mary Moppins. Mary built the company on the idea that she could create a way to make green cleaning easier, which inspired her to co-author "The Complete Idiots Guide to Green Cleaning" available on Amazon. The Mary Moppins line of specially designed cleaning tools are eco-friendly, yet industrial strength to give you the cleaning power you need to clean quickly and thoroughly.