Restoring Decals & Stripes

Cleaning decals, stripes, and adhesive backed signs can be troublesome as they tend to oxidize and lose their color with exposure to harsh car wash products, petroleum distillates and the sun.

3M and Avery who make the material for these products advise against the use of a car wax that contains petroleum distillates. Distillates dissolve the adhesive causing the decal to pull away from the side and also cause them to oxidize or lose their color. Harsh cleaning chemicals like liquid dish soap and Simple Green or Mr. Clean cause the same problems.

Advantage, our waterless wash and wax, does not contain distillates that damage the decals or striping. The polymers protect again toxic cleaners and UV ray damage to keep them looking new and prevent oxidation, drying and cracking.

Wash your vehicle, RV or boat with CleanEz. It's gentle on the finish and decals yet tough on dirt.

Current oxidation on decals and stripping can be removed by dabbing undiluted CleanEz on a damp cloth. Then apply several coats of Advantage to protect the decals from further oxidation.