Speed Clean the Cobwebs

Let's look at a few tips to speed clean your way through cobwebs. Cobwebs hang onto door hinges, window sills, across the tops of blinds and in corners that are just out of reach. Grab a 100% lambswool duster and tuck it in your back pocket when you start to clean. When you come across webs in these tight spaces, retrieve the Duster from your pocket and whisk them away.

Remove ceiling cobwebs by dampening a terry towel with a bit of water. Place it over Mary Moppins Best Home Mop Plus and knock those webs down fast then toss the towels in the washer.

Popcorn ceilings and wood beams: Grab a paint roller and attach it to Mary Moppins Fiberglass Extension Handle. Purchase 2 to 3 replacement tubes of lint removers. They fit right over the paint roller and you can roll the cobwebs off any kind of rough surface. The cobwebs adhere to the sticky tape. Just be sure to keep removing the tape as it soils. This works quite well for stucco ceilings, textured walls, wood beams and wall paper.

When stucco becomes soiled, remove it and redo the ceiling. Painting over stucco usually causes it to be heavy and it will fall down.