Speed clean your Bedroom

Mary’s book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Cleaning is packed with helpful ideas to speed clean every room in your home the eco-friendly way. Or click on Mary's Precision Cleaning Video to learn how to precision clean every room of your home.

Undoubtedly the bedroom receives the least amount of attention when it comes to cleaning. It's so easy to ignore the dust bunnies along the walls and under the bed, and the clutter but doing so can cause headaches, allergies and sinus problems. Clutter and dust encourage dust mite growth and they do cause havoc with allergies.

Here are a few of Mary's favorite tips to Precision Speed Clean a bedroom:

Cleaning Schedule: Establish a regular maintenance routine. You will free up time every week by following these few simple tricks:

*Don't lay it down, put it away. Keep the clutter off the floor, dressers etc.

*Never enter or leave a room without putting one item away. You will be amazed how quickly the clutter is gone. This is the key to picking up the clutter without being overwhelmed.

*Learn to dust with both hands. Pick up objects with one hand while you dust with the other.

*Keep going. Ignore the phone and keep cleaning. Every time you stop to do something, it takes time to pick up cleaning speed.