Washing Baby Clothes

Never use chlorine bleach on baby clothing. It is toxic to adults and especially toxic to babies and children. Hydrogen peroxide removes baby formula from clothing and the yellowing in christening gowns. Mix a fifty-fifty solution of a 3% peroxide and water. Soak 30 minutes (longer if needed or use straight peroxide) then launder in cool water. Air dry. Dryer heat sets a stain so air dry to make certain the stain has been removed.

Baby safe laundry products are expensive. Try using a certified organic laundry detergent instead. One made by Bio-Kleen does an excellent job and is safe for baby clothes.

The reason most adult laundry detergents are not safe for babies (they aren't safe for adults either) is because they contain fillers often sawdust and other harsh additives. Those additives are missing from Green Seal approved products like Bio-Kleen.

Rather than toxic fabric softeners use food grade distilled white vinegar. Vinegar pulls the soap residue out of the clothes leaving the cloths soft and allergen free. Just make certain you use food grade distilled white vinegar. If the bottle does not safe food grade it is made from petroleum.