Washing the Exterior of your RV or Motorhome

Wash in the morning or evening to avoid water spots. Always wash your RV with earth friendly cleaners like our EPA certified CleanEz. CleanEz quickly removes dirt, grease and oil from your RV. Its gentle nature is easy on your finish and even easy on Mother Earth since it contains no toxic phosphates found in most cleaners.

Wash using ½ cap of CleanEz and ½ cup food grade distilled white vinegar per 5 gallon bucket of water. Vinegar is an excellent cleaner and it’s a mild acid so it neutralizes the alkali in the water to help prevent water spots. If your RV is only lightly dirty Advantage is a waterless wash and dissolves dirt on contact. Or clean lightly dirty RVs with baby shampoo.

Tackle the roof first scrubbing the gaskets around vents and fans with a stiff bristled toothbrush. Next wash and dry the sides in sections.

Wash your RV or motorhome without leaving swirl marks by using our Lambswool Wash pad on a Swivel Pad holder Lambswool cleans safely without scratching like brushes and microfiber. Mary Moppins Lambswool is used and recommended by Tiffin and Newmar Motorhomes!

Do not mistake 100% Lambswool Pads with imitations. Imitation wash pads are made from 100% polyester, which is plastic. Plastic scratches. Given time it will scratch the finish off your RV or vehicle. This is the same for microfiber which is 85% polyester. The front of packages read “Lambswool” but on the back in small letters it says “Manmade material.”

The Swivel Pad holder of our Lambswool Pad attaches to our 4 to 8 foot Fiberglass Handle or any ACME threaded handle. Thin enough to clean under ladders and awning bars and swivels to get under, over and around curves to keep you off the ladders while you wash your RV.

DRY quickly to prevent water spots

To dry an RV fast enough to prevent water spots means leaving the ladders behind. Start with our EZE Squeegee which works like a window squeegee only it won’t gouge the sides with metal channels. Then finish with a towel over Mary Moppins patented Cleaning Head.  Ever wish you had a holding device so your towels won’t fall on the ground? Mary Moppins Cleaning Head comes to the rescue. “Velcro” type hook fasteners grab the “loops” in a terry towel to hold it firmly in place to dry your RV. Use it to clean awnings, mop floors, remove morning dew, apply Clean Ez to get rid of black streaks or combined with our Angle Adapter clean your satellite dome and the top of the pull outs.

Don’t use just any terry towel to dry your RV, grab one of our ultra-heavy 100% Cotton Terry Towels You will love the shine.

We even put convenient Cleaning Kits together for you that we discount to save your money.