Water Spots on Glass Shower Doors

Removing water spots from glass shower doors often turns into a tug of war. You scrub and they refuse to be removed. Once water spots etch into any surface including on vehicles, the alkali etches into the surface. Bring straight food grade distilled white vinegar to a boil. Wear gloves and sponge onto the doors. Keep the doors wet with the vinegar for 30 to 45 minutes then scrub with a dampened White Scrubbie Pad. You can remove the white part of the water spot but the etching will remain.

The best offense against water spots is to squeegee your shower after each use. Once every six months apply Advantage to your shower walls and glass doors. Advantage contains polymers that coat a surface leaving it slick so nothing sticks. Water sheets down off the walls to help prevent those spots. Advantage was originally formulated for Mary Moppins to protect vehicles against UV ray damage.