Get Connected

Get Connected

By Mary Findley @2016

Humans are quickly depleting our Earth of her Natural Resources as our population rapidly increases. Air and water pollution are at an all-time high. Fishermen douse coral reefs with cyanide to numb fish so they are quickly harvested. The practice kills the reefs and marine life. 

National Geographic reports that tree harvesting destroys 53,000 square miles a year causing over 100 species of plants, animals and insects to become extinct each day. Colonization has destroyed 90 indigenous tribes in Europe and hundreds more in America and Africa.

A recent Canadian researcher stated that unless we immediately reverse these destructive patterns our decedents will not be around to greet the 22nd century. The damage to our Earth is beyond reversible but a change to our purchasing and daily living habits will ensure continuation of life on Earth.

Here is a list of valuable resources that contain hundreds of articles, ideas, products and suggestions for living a sustainable life.

Eco Mall and The Environment Directory both contain links to hundreds of websites for green products, articles and resources.

Environmental Home Center is an online source for green building supplies. and

Dirt Works, Native Plant Society and National Gardening Association offer resources for organic gardening.

Earth Easy lists nontoxic paint manufacturers.

Check the health rating for your personal care products at

Country Wisdom and Know How from Storey Books instructs you on how to live off the land. With the destruction of our food supply and food shortage problems, growing and raising your own food is vital to survival.

Grow only heirloom vegetables. Annie's is my favorite. Seed Savers is another. Space an issue? There are dozens of excellent books on vertical gardening or grow salad greens in a hanging basket. Put plastic around it for year round growing.

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease provides information on toxic substances and their related diseases. Prepare for a shock.

Children's Environmental Health Network protects children from environmental hazards.

The Dioxin Homepage lists the dangers of the most toxic chemical known to man. If you use shampoo, hand lotion or any product with sodium laurel sulfate, you are being doused with dioxin the main chemical in Agent Orange.

The Environment Directory contains a large directory of environmental companies and organizations

The Healthy House Institute contains expansive information from experts all over the world.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is an A-Z guide to household hazardous substances. On the upper left is a list of resources.

Catch the articles in the Go Green Section on Mary's website for an abundance of ideas and lists of toxic chemicals to green your life.

Here is your first tip: Rather than grab a paper towel, reach for a reusable and washable towel. Called Swifters on my website they are readily available in most grocery stores. Tip Two: Switch to concentrated cleaners like Mary Moppins CleanEz all purpose cleaner. The savings to our Earth is astounding plus they save you money. Tip three: Grab one of Mary's Mops. It lasts 15 plus years and has kept over 400,000 mops out of the landfills. It's great for drying off your RV, Motorhome, boat, horse trailer and airplane too!

About Mary

Mary Findley is a veteran cleaning expert and Founder of Mary Moppins. Mary built the company on the idea that she could create a way to make green cleaning easier, which inspired her to co-author "The Complete Idiots Guide to Green Cleaning" available on Amazon. The Mary Moppins line of specially designed cleaning tools are eco-friendly, yet industrial strength to give you the cleaning power you need to clean quickly and thoroughly.